Pourquoi la lecture est-elle importante à vos yeux?
Amanda Cranford
Amanda Cranford
Ernest Cumberland Elementary School Ernest Cumberland Elementary School
Alliston, ON Alliston, ON

We are a grade 1 and 2 class at Ernest Cumberland and we love reading because:
"Our brain grows!" Vienna, age 6
"So you can learn reading" Ahdia, age 6
"Reading is important since reading makes your brain grow." Corey, age 7
"Helps you write" Brayden, age 7
"Writing" Olivia, age 5
"Makes our brain smarter" Ali, age 7
"It calms you down" student, age 7
"That you learn new words" Logan, age 6
"It helps you know the book" Muna, age 6
"Making new words" Thomas, age 6
"When we practice reading, we learn how to read" Avah, age 5


959e Ontario

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