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Truro Junior High School Truro Junior High School
Truro, NS Truro, NS

Libraries and books have always held a special place in my heart. I love books! My first memories are of my grandparents and parents reading to me and taking me to the library. Now, as I teacher at TJHS, I realize how privileged I was to have access to books and to have family members who valued reading and spent time reading to me. Our school, TJHS is located in the ever growing town of Truro. We are so very fortunate to have a brand new library in the heart of our downtown, however not all of our students have access to it. Supporting the Adopt A School program means providing all of our students at TJHS with the opportunity to engage in a positive literacy experience. Our school population is a diverse one, and this program will allow us to buy books that have more culturally diverse perspectives. Also, by supporting TJHS we will be able to buy more high interest , lower reading level books, therefore reaching out to our struggling readers at the elementary and middle school level. Supporting this program also means getting our students invlolved and helping them learn to value reading by letting them help select the books they want to see in our school library.


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