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Ginger Hassett-Koza
Ginger Hassett-Koza
Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School
Sherwood Park, AB Sherwood Park, AB

I believe that reading to children of all ages is one of the best gifts you can give as a parent. Early literacy intervention (I'm talking from age 0 up) is paramount in the development of neuro-pathways in the brain. Think of it as a network of roads on which information travels. The more pathways one develops, the more efficiently the brain can function. Early literacy intervention supports the development of early cognitive skills that help prepare children for success in all areas of school, not to mention help create a lifelong love of reading. Some children rely on the books at school for their reading material, so I 100% support any initiative that may get more books into any child's hands.


2e Alberta

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