Pourquoi soutenez-vous cette école?
Shannon Schlamp
Shannon Schlamp
Christopher Lake Public School Christopher Lake Public School
Christopher Lake, SK Christopher Lake, SK

I have the wonderful privilege of being the Grade 1 teacher as well as a parent at CLPS. I have been an educator for 20 years and still everyday I have an “aha” moment or two. My current Grade 1 class is bright, eager and overall gentle natured. Our class theme is “just be kind”- and they really are!
I love how excited and genuine these little people are about reading and learning. They inspire me to put my best teacher foot forward everyday. I chose to support CLPS because I want my students to have access to books that will keep them engaged and willing to be lifelong learners. I want the young boy who always asks me to help him find “books about trucks” to have several truck books to pick from. Or the girls who want books about baking to be inspired and awed by our recipe book collection.
I believe we owe it to our children to give them books that will help shape and develop their minds and spirits.


3e Saskatchewan

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