Pourquoi soutenez-vous cette école?
Melissa Coffey
Melissa Coffey
Fatima Academy Fatima Academy
St. Bride’s, NL St. Bride’s, NL

I wholeheartedly support my school, Fatima Academy. Fatima Academy is more than a school, it’s a family. We are so lucky to work with such wonderful students, staff, support staff and school communities. We can boast of having one of the most supportive school communities around and we feel so honoured by that.

At Fatima, we endeavor to offer our students the most balanced education that we can, filled with curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities. Presently, Fatima is home to 44 students from Kindergarten to grade 12, and serves the communities of St. Bride’s, Branch, Point Lance and Cuslett. Our students participate in athletics, robotics clubs, boat building, dance clubs and more. As well as our extra-curricular, we also have students who are award winners, locally, provincially, and nationally in arts and letters, public speaking, and music. Our students continue to achieve great things.

As a tiny school on the southwest part of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula, we feel we are small but mighty. Being selected by Coles, Avalon Mall, as part of the Adopt-A-School program will allow us to purchase a library of new books for our children. It will allow our students to expand their learning, their interests, and their mindsets. Coming from small communities means our students have limited exposure to the outside world. The world of literature opens many doors and expands their horizons. This addition of books will allow our students to reach new levels of distinction.

Believing that excellence is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, skillful execution, and shared vision, Fatima Academy will face the future with innovation and determination. This initiative will aid us greatly moving forward. Please join me and support, the one and only, Fatima Academy!


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