Quel est le livre pour enfant qui a eu la plus grande incidence sur votre vie, et pourquoi?
Nathalie Beerman
Nathalie Beerman
Roblin Elementary School Roblin Elementary School
Roblin, MB Roblin, MB

Growing up I read the story of Heidi over and over again. I loved the spirit and spunk in Heidi and how her kind heart blessed the old, blind Grandmother down the hill and softened her grumpy Alm-Uncle's/ Grandfather's bitter heart. As the story unfolded I got to know the mountains, the goats, and Peter's family. When Heidi is taken away by her aunt to Germany-against her will-I felt her loneliness and her homesickness. In the end this story is one of strength, healing, reconciliation, and friendship. As an adult I visited Switzerland and the bells on the goats, tinkling in the hills of Lucerne, transported me back to the enchantment of the story. Soon after I returned to Canada, my husband and I decided to start a family. When we discovered we were having a girl, and the name Heidi means "noble" my husband and I knew we had our name.
My original book as a child was a version from 1948. I actually found the identical copy at a garage sale in our small town while my Heidi was a newborn. I am keeping it for her until she becomes an adult.


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