Quel est le livre pour enfant qui a eu la plus grande incidence sur votre vie, et pourquoi?
Tara Power
Tara Power
Northrop Frye school Northrop Frye school
Moncton, NB Moncton, NB

Every summer, my family and I would hop in the car and take a long road trip to visit my grandmother at her cottage. There was a lot to look forward to on these annual vacations - beach time, campfires with gooey marshmallows and late nights spent giggling with my cousins. My 3 brothers and I also always looked forward to story time, cuddling up on the old cottage sofa, reading books from our mother's childhood. Our favorite was a very well worn, well loved copy of Dr. Seuss' "I Wish that I Had Duck Feet". The main character's wish for duck feet, a long tail, a whale spout and all other sorts of animal features left us laughing each time. In the end, the young boy decides all these special things aren't really important. "AND SO... I think there are some things I do not wish to be. And that is why I think that I just wish to be like ME."I always remembered the message of this story. I stumbled across this book at Chapters one day, and feeling very nostalgic, bought it to share my love for it with my own 2 children. We now share a love of reading this book together, cuddled up on our sofa, laughing together and making memories.


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