Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Roxanne Greenwald
Roxanne Greenwald
St. Peter's School St. Peter's School
Unity, SK Unity, SK

Reading! Love it! Reading holds a special part of my heart. My mom helped me fall in love with reading by never turning down a chance to buy books from the school flyers or heading to the public library. From this love of books, I have been able to carry it on to the children I see everyday at the school where I work. When I fell in love with reading, I didn't ever expect to feel that same experience again, but I was wrong. As a Library Tech in an elementary school, I get to see,hear and be part of all the reading successes and growth that happen everyday which has shown me a new way to fall with reading again. As a mother, when I got to hear my child read her first words, that ignited a spark that felt even better than the one I experienced when I realized I loved to read. Reading to children for over 20 years has hopefully impacted many of them to love reading.


6e Saskatchewan

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