Nommez trois livres incontournables que chaque bibliothèque scolaire devrait offrir et expliquez pourquoi.
Wright Family
Wright Family
Hewitt's Creek Public School Hewitt's Creek Public School
Barrie, ON Barrie, ON

Every school library should be equipped with the following three books, 1. Heidi Heckelbeck Says "Cheese", 2. Judy Moody Declares Independence and 3. Don't Stress (How to Handle Life's Little Problems).
These three books bring great joy, some perspective on everyday life and lots of laughs that kids and parents can easily relate to, while enjoy time together reading at a level that is not intimidating. These books, in particular Judy Moody and Heidi Heckelbeck triggered a motivation in both of my kids to read the entire series in order boosting their confidence and reading levels at school, so they have my vote!


653e Ontario

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