Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Nils Ling
Nils Ling
Queen Charlotte Intermediate School Queen Charlotte Intermediate School
Charlottetown, PE Charlottetown, PE

I read very early on in life, and in an odd way it was thanks to my brother, who was dyslexic.

Jay required special help, and my mom would spend hours with him every week, helping him with what was torturous effort. Because I worshipped my big brother and loved my mom’s voice, I was always there, snuggled up, quietly listening, absorbing every weird rule of grammar and odd spelling and every phonetic anomaly.

By the time I got to kindergarten I was well past anything in the sparse library. I was reading at a grade six or seven level, and every day I was taken to the big kids’ library to pick the book I would blow through in hours.

Blessed with a vivid imagination (and, I learned much later, a pretty fair case of ADHD), I got lost in books. They became my best friends. I thrilled to the adventures of Dave Dawson, the 15 year old pilot who joined the RAF; paddled a canoe along the Red River with the Buckskin Colonist; and marvelled at the amazing inventions of Tom Swift.

In the same way I threatened my kids with loss of TV privileges to make sure they behaved, my mom could bring me to heel by switching off the light.

I’m pretty sure I came to treasure reading by watching my brother fighting with every word. His struggle became a gift to me. And if this story puts a book in some kid’s hands, they can thank him.


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