Pourquoi la lecture est-elle importante à vos yeux?
Tammy Godfrey
Tammy Godfrey
Ernest Cumberland Elementary School Ernest Cumberland Elementary School
Alliston, ON Alliston, ON

The grade 4s in Mrs. Godfrey and Mrs. Boyer's classes had this to say:
-we get to ask questions to yourself and you imagine when you learn new things - Abby
-if we didn't know how to read, when we get older we wouldn't know how to read signs - Trinity
-your brain will grow every time you make a mistake - Dameon
-gives you time to relax and think about what you are reading - Brandon
-if you want to see the movie, you can read the book first - Alexia
-if you read, it will give you more stuff to think about and imagine it - Christina
-reading feeds your brain information and stories - Grant
-it allows you to learn in a fun way - Michael
-helps you learn new words, calm down and relax - Howard
-gives you challenging words so you can spell them when you get older - Leah
-reading is important in all subjects - Ashira
-you might find something you are interested in - Kayley
-takes you to a different world - Audrey
-the more you read, the smarter you get - Jacob
-reading is fun - many of us!!!!


620e Ontario

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