Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Susan Lavell
Susan Lavell
Holy Rosary Catholic School Holy Rosary Catholic School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

My mom was and continues to be one of my biggest influences. She instilled my love of reading by reading an endless number of books to me, including my favourites over and over again. She encouraged me to try a variety of genres, helped me to invest myself in the story and characters of the book or series and most importantly, to care for the books you were lucky to own and share your favourites with others. I've tried to instill the same love in my own kids, to varying degrees of success, and will continue to encourage them to pick up a book and imagine themselves in the story. It's a wonderful way to connect with your kids each day and to see them grow and challenge themselves with a new story is a joy.


509e Ontario

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