Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Marilyn Anderson
Marilyn Anderson
St. Paul St. Paul
Lethbridge, AB Lethbridge, AB

My Mom helped me fall in love with reading. She was a school teacher and believed in the power of the written word. When I was a child, she read to me every night. When I was a little older, she taught me to read the bedtime stories to her. I loved every minute of our time reading together, and that began my reading journey. What I treasure now is that my daughter and her husband have continued the tradition of reading to my three grandsons.
My Mom passed away when I was twenty, and I found one more reading gift from her. I was adopted and my Mom wrote a poem about choosing to adopt me. It was the most beautiful set of lines that I had ever read. The poem truly showed me the power of the written word, and how love can be shared with reading.
I encourage all of you to read at every opportunity....you may be surprised at what you learn!


136e Alberta

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