Qui vous a insufflé l’amour de la lecture, et comment?
Angela Rossi-Migliore
Angela Rossi-Migliore
George L. Armstrong George L. Armstrong
Hamilton, ON Hamilton, ON

The person who helped me to fall in love with reading was my lovely mother. She read to me every night from when I was little. I remember sitting in an arm chair together with my brother on one side of her and me on the other while she read us stories. I always wanted to hear one more story. She would take us on walks to the local library where we all signed out books every week. We would read together in the shade of the front porch or under a shady tree in the back yard during the summer months. Now we trade books that we think each other might like and we both enjoy reading historical fiction. My favourite author is Nicholas Sparks and my favourite book is "The Notebook".


390e Ontario

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