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Ian Lawrence
Ian Lawrence
Lord Lansdowne P.S. Lord Lansdowne P.S.
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

I'm supporting Lord Lansdowne because I am the Teacher Librarian for the school this year. When I stepped foot into the library for the first time, one week before school started, it excited me to see the potential of the space! With the help of the TDSB's library services team, we cleaned the library, set up the furniture, and re-shelved books for the new school year. While the library was ready for the kids to come back in September, I could tell that our collection needed growth, especially in our French books. However, we certainly do not need growth in eager readers. Every day since the start of the school year, I see dozens and dozens of Lord Lansdowne kids come into the library, eager to read. They jump from the non-fiction section to the novels, and from the graphic novels to the picture books. They're excited to take books home to share with their families! I want to continue to nourish these young readers by updating our collection and to build onto their love of reading. As the Teacher Librarian at Lord Lansdowne, my priority this year is to build our book collection, especially in our French books! With the help of the funds raised from the Love of Reading foundation, I know we can do it!


388e Ontario

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